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Botox is a pharmaceutical agent derived from a bacterium called botulinum toxin. It was used in the treatment of neurological diseases in 1960. If you want to get rid of wrinkles caused by physical irritation of your skin, facial expressions such as frowning or smiling, as well as aging, heredity, sun exposure, smoking and other environmental factors, you can consider benefiting from Botox treatment. The operation can be easily performed under office conditions, with the help of an analgesic cream. The areas, where the application is need, are determined based on the facial expression movements, and the injection is made into the muscles. It is possible to return to normal daily activities immediately after the application.

Talk with your physician about whether you can benefit from Botox within the scope of the rejuvenation program that will be applied to your skin.

False Facts About Botox

“Is Botox a snake venom?” Botox is a medicine derived from a bacterium, which can be considered as an ordinary drug. Almost all antibiotics are obtained with the same method. They all are substances secreted by bacteria to protect themselves. It is irrelevant to snakes.

“Botox causes paralysis”. If we use the word “paralysis” by meaning the permanent loss of a muscle’s ability to move, it would be wrong. Botox injected muscles cannot be stimulated by nerves and remain motionless for a period of three to six months. Afterwards, they begin to be able to perform their ordinary movements, as if nothing happened.

“Botox leads to an expressionless face”. Botox is mostly applied to the forehead. The immobility there only prevents you from frowning; and as a result, this just softens your facial expression. If you are not an actress who plays specific characters, such a change in your facial expression would not disturb anyone.

“Botox is just a cosmetic medicine used for only the purpose of obtaining beauty”. This is not true. Botox has been used for the treatment of paralytic patients for many years. Its use for aesthetic purposes is very new. 70% of this medicine used in Turkey is still being used for real patients.

“Botox augments the lips and face, like a filler”. Any Botox injected area does not swell. Botox is not a filler. Fillers are in another group.

“Botox is not natural and is harmful to health”. It has no known side effects and it is harmless. Botox is unnatural to the same extent as Aspirin. If you think about how harmful cigarette and alcohol are, there is an incomparable difference between them.

“With Botox, the eyebrows get arched like a devil’s eyebrows”. This completely depends on the person who injects the medicine. Botox may cause the eyebrows to get arched but it happens in a controlled way.