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Breast Reduction

If you suffer from shoulder pain, back pain and arm pain due to the overweight of the breasts, or if you have very big and noticeable breasts that cause you to feel uncomfortable, you can have a breast reduction surgery, after which you can obtain smaller and better shaped breasts more harmonious with your body sizes, and can live extremely happy.

Women with big and sagging breasts consult plastic surgeons for also medical reasons besides aesthetic requirements. Shoulder pain, back pain and arm pain are commonly encountered complaints due to the weight of the breast and compression of the bra. The formation of rashes under the breasts causes bad smell and leads to difficulties in social and sexual life. In addition, young girls with very big and noticeable breasts can lead to social difficulties. Sometimes patients suffer from big and sagging breast so much that they may want even complete removal of their breasts. Of course, this is not a request that can be met. The objective of breast reduction surgery is to obtain smaller and better shaped breasts more harmonious with the person’s body sizes. Our patients in such a condition become extremely happy when their breasts become nice and suitable for their own body structure. We recommend breast reduction surgery to women in such a condition, who well care about themselves and the beauty of their body.

How is a Breast Reduction Operation Performed?

It is done under general anesthesia. The sagging and excessively big parts of the breast are removed and the nipple is reduced and then taken to the place, where a nipple should be located in a normal breast.

Does any Scar Remains on the Breast?

The scar problem is still frequently discussed in plastic surgery. Many procedures intended for minimizing the scar formation in the breast have been put forward, and developments are still continuing in this regard. In some cases, breast reduction can be performed without leaving any scars. The selected surgical procedure varies depending on the size of the breast and the degree of sagging. Therefore, how a scar will remain on the breast is an issue that you must discuss with your physician. However, I should also note that patients who decide to have a breast reduction surgery do not care about the potential scar. Scars are planned in such a way as to be concealed under the bra or swimsuit, and they become unnoticeable by taking the body’s color in the course of time. This question of debate comes from the motives of plastic surgeons to achieve the perfect one.

What are Its Operational Risks?

As in every operation, bleeding and infection may occur. During operation, small drains are placed to allow for the drainage of small amount of blood leakages. As a precaution for the prevention of infection, antibiotic is given to the patient. There may be nutritional problems in the nipple; however, today it is not a common problem because of the advancements in the techniques and the use of a technique suitable for the patient’s condition. A temporary loss of sensation may occur. This is a temporary condition in most of the patients, but sometimes it may become permanent.

How Long does the Breast Maintain its Shape?

Of course there will be changes in the shape of the new breasts over time. This appears as a part of the normal aging process. There is no problem with repeating this operation in the future periods. However, the surgeon should know the technique used in the first surgery.