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What is Dermapen TM?

Dermapen™ is an all-in-one device used for the procedure constituting a microdermabrasion-mesotherapy synthesis, that combines the agents that try to rejuvenate the skin from inside and outside.

Dermapen™ consists of the titanium needles on it, and a mini reservoir for the storage of the anti-aging product needed by the skin. In Dermapen™ looking like a pen, there are needles with lengths ranging from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm, which allow for making a selection according to the person’s need. These needles make 50 to 150 punctures per second for creating a dermabrasion effect. The number of punctures is determined based on the need of the skin, as well.

Moisturizing products, anti-spot products or anti-aging products needed by the skin are placed in the reservoir of Dermapen®, and they are delivered to the skin simultaneously, with intent to increase the effect.

Dermapen™ can also provide the effect of mesotherapy applications, which support the skin from inside; and this is what differentiates Dermapen™ from other procedures intended for facial rejuvenation that are carried out by stimulating the visible side of the skin. Besides the needle length and the number of punctures, also the products that will be delivered into the skin are determined based on the person’s needs. After that, the protocol is completed by creating a cocktail, and then the permeation of the products is provided using Dermapen™.

Another difference of Dermapen™ is that it allows for the strengthening of the application by means of certain nanotechnology products with the features of removing stains, alleviating wrinkles, and reducing dark circles and edema etc. As is known, strengthening the skin with vitamins and hyaluronic acids given externally provides only a limited success, due to the strong barrier of the skin. Growth factors, plant stem cell extracts, vitamins, and serums reaching the deeper layers of the skin through the small channels opened with Dermapen™ increase the success of this device and the permanence of the results.

Where is DermapenUsed?

  • For eliminating acne scars (mild to moderate, deep and too deep)
  • For eliminating skin blemishes
  • For reducing the appearance of mild-to-deep wrinkles
  • For tightening the pores in the skin with large pores
  • For reducing stretch marks
  • For reducing hair loss
  • For reducing of scars from burns
  • For reducing the appearance of cellulites

How long does its Effect Last, and How Many Session are Needed?

Micro-channels formed with Dermapen™ are usually closed within15 to 30 minutes, thanks to the elasticity of the skin. Complete closure of channels may take a few hours. If a pen with short needles (e.g. 0.5 mm) has been used, the process is repeated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, based on the skin type and application. However, if a pen with longer needles has been applied, the process can be repeated once every 4 weeks. It is recommended to apply 3 sessions for caring and resurfacing problem-free skins; 6 sessions for the elimination of skim blemishes; and 8 or more sessions for the treatment of acnes, scars, and burn scars.

What is Felt After the Application?

Almost no pain is felt during the application. Therefore, there is no need to use any anesthetic cream. The redness completely disappears 30 to 45 minutes after the application. The person can return to his/her everyday life as from the day of application. However, it is recommended not to wear makeup and wash the face on the same day. We advise you to abstain from using products that contain intensive retinoic acid, aha (alpha hydroxy acids) and intensive vitamin C for a period of 3 days after the application. We also advise you to use moisturizers and structuring products that will enable the skin to regain its normal structure during these 3 days. The most important point not to be neglected is the need for using sunscreens regularly.

What Kinds of Differences are there between This Application and Anti-Aging Laser Applications?

The advantages of this technique can be listed as follows: It is an economic technique when its benefits are compared with its cost; it has minimum risk of side effects; it can be performed in small areas such as the areas around the eyes, where laser application is inapplicable; and it can be applied to all types of skin.