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Ultra V-Lift

When the aging process begins, our tissues get thinner due to the destruction of our collagen and elastin fibers. As a result of this, a sagging skin, deep creases, folds and wrinkles begin to appear. Laser applications, peelings, mesolifting as well as plastic surgery, as a last resort, are adopted in solving this problem. Now, Ultra V-Lift is included in these procedures.

Ultra V-Lift is a procedure that involves the placement of catguts under the skin, by means of cannulae. Cannulae are thin tubes that allow for subcutaneous operations, without requiring incisions and without leaving permanent scars.

How is the Procedure Carried Out?

This nonsurgical face lift operation is carried out by placing threads, which function as suspenders, at points where the appearance of sagging skin will be eliminated. In the operation carried out by means of cannulae, cannulae are placed under the skin in such a way as to be positioned in accordance with the area, where the threads are intended to be placed. Threads in the cannulae, which will carry out the suspension process, are placed under the skin, and then the operation is completed by slowly withdrawing the cannulae from beneath the skin.

Is it a Painful Operation?

Thread lift operation is a cosmetic procedure carried out after applying local anesthetic creams. For this reason, insertion and pricking of the cannulae are not felt. And since no medicine penetrates under the skin, it does not cause any burning or stinging sensation.

What are the Features of the Threads Used in the Application?

Threads used for the thread lift (Cobweb) technique are catguts called PDO. The technique does not cause problems such as slippage and prolapse from the application area to another area, and the threads under the the skin are unnoticeable.

How is Its Postoperative Healing Process?

The recovery time after facelift procedure is not too long. Just redness occurs at the entry points of the cannulae. In sensitive skins, bruising may occur at the same points. External cold application is recommended for the prevention of the potential redness and bruising. After the procedure, a high factor sunscreen is applied to take measure in this regard. Besides these, there are some other points to take into consideration :

  • After the procedure, massage should not be performed on the application area.
  • The patient should not do physical exercise or other activities by bowing his/her head.
  • The patient should take care to lie back when sleeping.
  • It is inconvenient take shower with hot water for a period of 2 days after the postoperative period.

Who are Eligible for the Application?

The application can be made to all male and female patients who complain of sagging aging. The best candidates are those whose aging symptoms newly appear. In other words, those who newly turned 30-35.

Is the Effect of the Application Permanent?

The thread lift technique is a procedure that has a long lasting but not a permanent effect. The longevity of its effect varies depending on the patient’s skin type, elasticity of his/her skin structure and the extent of how it is affected by gravity. In general, the longevity of its effect is 2 to 3 years.